Legal Services Home Visits

Legal Services Home Visits

We at Thomas and Cooper Legal Services believe that by visiting our customers in their own homes we can give them a great service without them having to visit an office, we also find that they can feel more comfortable asking questions.  We offer an initial visit to give help and information, but with no obligation.

If the customer decides to do their will with us, we will guide them through the whole process including a re-visit to get the completed will signed.


Making Your Will
Conveniently and Economically

Traditionally, to make your Will you have to go to a solicitor or bank. This can be inconvenient and often expensive; sometimes, perhaps because of family reasons, work commitments or health reasons, you just can’t get there during office hours.

There is a more convenient and affordable way to make your Will.

Our friendly service and helpful consultants can come to you and take your Will instructions in the privacy and comfort of your own home and all at affordable fees.
We come to your home, on a day and time that suit you.


Home visit

The person who visits your home is trained to take your Will instructions patiently and empathetically; you will never feel rushed or pressured. Everything you discuss is always private and confidential and you will be treated with the utmost respect. All relevant options available to you can be explained so that you can choose the Will that you think is right for you and your family. Legal Services Home Visits are as formal as you wish them to be. You are made to feel comfortable and we explain everything you need to know as your speed and level of understanding.


Estate planning

As estate planning professionals can help you ensure that your loved ones don’t lose any of their inheritance to fees or taxes wherever they can be avoided. Whether your requirements are simple or a little more complicated you can rest assured that the right professionals are taking good care of things for you at every single stage.