Legal Terms Explained

Legal Terms explained

Attorney – Is a person appointed in a Lasting Power of Attorney to look after a person’s affairs if they are no longer able to, eg through physical or mental illness.

Beneficiary – This is a person who is going to receive assets from a will.

Executor – This is the person named by the deceased who has to carry out the instructions in the will and do the probate.

Guardian – A person appointed in a will to look after children under the age of 16.

IFA – Independent Financial Advisor.  A person who can help you plan your finances to get the best out of your savings and can also give guidance on Inheritance Tax.

IHT – Stands for Inheritance Tax.  This is charged when a person’s estate is over the government threshold (for 2015 this is £325,000 for a single person and £650,000 for a married couple.) This amount changes regularly and is announced in the Budget.

Intestate – Means that the person has died without a will and government rules will decide how the estate is paid out.

Probate – If anyone dies leaving £5,000 or more, the probate office has to be informed and the relevant paperwork filed before an estate can be paid out.

Trustee – Often the same person as the executor, he or she looks after the funds until they are paid out.

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