Terms and Conditions of Business

Thomas and Cooper Legal Services Ltd Terms and Conditions of Business.


a) Thomas and Cooper Legal Services Ltd (The Company) agrees to arrange for the preparation of a Will and other specified documents if required. Such Will and/or documents shall be prepared in accordance with the instructions given to The Company on the date of agreement.


b) The Company shall endeavour to have the Will prepared for the Client within one calendar month from the date of agreement, subject to all relevant information being supplied to The Company on or before the date of agreement. Other documents may take longer depending on procedure.


c) The Company’s Client Care Mandate includes an instruction to all company staff to ensure that the client receives regular communication in the event that the terms in section b) of this agreement have to be varied.


d) All Wills and/or documents have to be signed, dated and witnessed correctly to make them effective. Failure to do so will make your Will and/or documents invalid. The company takes no responsibility for an unsigned Will and/or documents resulting in your beneficiaries not benefiting from your estate.


e) Your local Consultant is available to help you with the attestation (signing, dating and witnessing) of your document(s) by arrangement and appointment for a fee. If you do not require this service you will be supplied with instructions for signing, dating and witnessing your Will and any associated documents so as to assist you with the correct procedure for doing so.


f) Whilst The Company endeavours to provide an attestation service via your local Consultant, The Company is under no obligation to supervise the attestation of your Will and/or documents nor does it take responsibility for the documents being correctly attested.


g) The Company takes no responsibility for verifying the identity or age of anyone with whom we contract to provide a Will and/or documents. The Company takes no responsibility for verifying any of the information provided by you in your instructions. The Documents prepared rely on the information provided by the Client on the Client Instruction forms which have been signed by the client.


h) Where the proposed terms of a Will and/or other documents are of a nature or complexity that makes its service inappropriate The Company will notify you of this.


i) The Company reserves the right to decline the provision of a Will and/or other documents. The Company will return your cheque or refund the charge when notifying you.


j) Cancellation Rights – This order forms a Contract between you the Client(s) and The Company. Notwithstanding the Client’s statutory rights the Client has the right to cancel this Contract in writing within fourteen days of the date of giving the initial instructions whereupon the Client will receive a full refund. After the expiration of this period the Company reserves the right to charge you for the advice given and for any preparatory work or completed work already carried out on your behalf and in accordance with your signed instructions.


k) Indemnity Insurance – Any liability incurred by The Company as a result of this Contract will be limited by the terms of The Company’s Professional Indemnity Insurance.


l) Complaints – We are committed to providing You with excellent service but in the event that You are dissatisfied regarding any aspect of our service, You should write to the complaints department at Thomas and Cooper Legal Services Ltd, 90 The Meadows, Shepshed, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE12 9QN. Our complaints process is available on request.


m) Data Protection Act 1998- We will act as a Data Controller relevant to the details that you provide during the Will Writing process and abide to the regulations set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you do not understand any of these terms and conditions please contact us for further details.